• Megan and Andy Koniecko


    Susan did such a wonderful job planning our dream honeymoon in Europe. We had no idea where to go or how to get around. She suggested an escorted vacation through Globus and they were amazing. Our tour guide, Liz Flanagan, went above and beyond to make our honeymoon unforgettable. We stopped in so many places and saw so many wonderful things. This would of never happened if we planned this trip alone. Throughout the trip, Susan kept in contact with us via email. Whenever we had any questions, she was there for us. This was especially helpful because we were not familiar with the languages in the countries we visited. We can't thank Susan enough for assisting us in this trip of a lifetime!

  • Sisounong Family


    My husband is in the Army, and let me start out by saying that I have NO IDEA how anyone ever travels without a travel agent..My story would start with her helping plan my trip to go to my husband's boot camp graduation, luckily there were no complications but it was great to not have to worry about things during an already stressful trip with our 2 year old! Then while he was at airborne training, which is only 3 weeks long we decided on a last minute trip, 2 weeks in advance! And again she pulled the whole trip together, this one had some complications though. He only had to weekend to spend with me, and so I left Friday morning planning on being there in time to pick him up so I could see him for a couple hours before lights out, then we only had Saturday and sunday! The plane was supposed to land around 5pm and it would have taken me 20 minutes roughly to get him. There was bad weather coming in, so we circled the airport then the plane almost ran out of gas, so we had to go somewhere else for gas, and by the time we landed in Atlanta, which was not my final destination, it was about 730pm. I had missed my next flight and they couldn't get me on another flight until the next morning, LATE morning. Which would have taken away the Friday night we would have had, and about 5 hours of our Saturday. I didn't want to lose that much time. So she got me a rental car from Atlanta and I drove 2 and a half hours to him and barely got there in time. Long story short my trip had many complications but if I didn't have her to handle the phone calls and figuring out what to do, I would have totally lost it, and my trip would have been partially wasted! When I got back she contacted the airline and got them to pay for my rental car and give me a gift card! I was definetly more then happy! Then, to our luck. My husband got sent home the next weekend! He needed to buy his own tickets and we only knew maybe 2 hours in advance from him getting to the airport. It was the craziest night. I tried looking online for flights and couldn't find anything that was under a THOUSAND dollars for a one way ticket. I was freaking out. Then I called Susan and although it was still stressful she found us a ticket for only 170! I was so amazed. And thankful. She is so helpful and just an amazing person! If you are planning a trip, and don't have a travel agent, YOU NEED TO CALL HMS Consulting! Susan is the BEST! We don't know what we would do without you!

  • Marcus and Vicktrie Hilario


    We cannot thank HMS consulting enough. It has been a long time dream for my husband and I to bring our boys to Disney. Last year was our first year going and Susan made it a beautiful experience for us. While at Disney last year we started planning our trip for this year. Not only did Susan book the trip and answer every question with a smile (all 4 million of them) but she also spent countless hours on the phone to help us get our reservations set up. Our family is forever grateful for her dedication and service. We will NEVER book a trip, ANYWHERE, without HMS consulting and Sudan Hull. You are amazing, thank you from the bottom of our hearts :)

  • Ruth and Leo MacDonald


    Susan, what a great trip we had, all because of you. Everything was so well organized for our trip to Hawaii, you have no idea how special you are to us.
    Thank you again for all that you did, great seating on the planes was one of the best. We had a great time and Hawaii was wonderful, also Leo was the best tour guide of all. Can't wait to go to Ireland.

  • Deb Cwynar Miller


    Sue, I wanted to stop in to say how much I appreciated you arranging the recent group trip to Punta Cana. It was a delayed (by 15 years) honeymoon for my husband and myself, and the FIRST time that I remember being able to unwind on the first day of vacation versus nearly the last! Much of that had to do with the feelings of 'I don't have to worry about planning ahead - Sue's got it handled'! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving Doug and I the honeymoon we needed, wanted and deserved 15 years later!

  • Susan Martin, January 2013


    Susan Hull arranged my last three January vacations and all were great. This year, however, we went to the Iberostar Grand Punta Cana and I can't say enough wonderful things about this all inclusive resort. The accommodations, beach, and water were beautiful. The food, shows and service were unlike anywhere else Ive stayed. This is definitely a resort I would return to. Thank you Susan for arranging such a great trip.

  • Eleanor H. Jones


    I have used Susan Hull for many a great trip. Just recently I used her to book a family trip to Disney World. She was fantastic with the number of packages we could choose from. And she had been to Disney and knew what she was talking about. Her advice on the dining package was spot on. It was a smooth trip from start to finish. Thanks, Susan.

  • Bryan Primett


    Sue Hull booked my honeymoon to Aruba. We had met her at a wedding show at Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Casino. Sue is very personable and really knows the business. I really liked that she had been to Aruba and could give you advice or suggestions. She was very patient with me and would answer all my questions and if she couldn't right away; she would get back to me.
    I really appreciate the suggestions on the AGA Dine Around Program in Aruba. It is a meal program that is awesome.
    Thanks also for allowing me to make payments to you.
    HMS is an incredible travel agency. I am saving for my next trip.





  • Laurie Buchholz


    I became involved with Susan through business and quickly added my personal travel arrangements to the mix. She is always professional, courteous and a true pleasure to work with. I have absolutely no desire to make travel arrangements any other way than the HMS way! Susan's the best in the business.

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